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not sure if I already sent this?  sorry if I did.


It's from a recent conference Germany which Alison and Benoit particpated:

from that same page: "Benoit Gregoir presented the [wifidog] project,
which is a captive portal system, which is not used in mesh networks
yet. As he pointed out there is already development on some fronts of
our issue, and if the projects cooperate, its useless to re-invent the
wheel :)"

Curious to learn more about what CNML is really for.  I don't quite get it yet.

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Subject: And a quick survey -was- Re: [wsfii-discuss] CNML - a draft from WOS
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Good! :) Many thanks kloschi!

Time to time I do realize, even more, that this is very important. The
first step in any direction in terms of development, if we don't want to
have to walk back quite often, starts here.
I'm going a try to go forward developing the draft, and even
implementing it at guifi.net. We have already some xml outputs, so it's
just a matter of doing some cleansing to fit the CNML objectives.
Take in mind however that we will do in the way that we have some
experience for doing so, we have already some data to pull and we have a
clue of how to represent it (i.e. a multiple-location network, their
nodes and some of their services and devices, network information in
ipv4 and ospf). However another things which should be at the CNML
others may have a lot more experience (i.e. describing OLSR networks,
ipv6, the Alexej concept of zeroconf spontaneous networking devices,
So let's take it as an open process, and everybody feel free to provide
their 2 cents on it!

I'm quite confident than in a few days/weeks we'll have already some
working examples and first implementations.

That will enable us to go further i.e. in things like developing new
mapping applications, webs, device extensions/firmwares or whatever the
folks spontaneously wants to work with ;)

Finally I want also to rise just one question, just remebering one of
the ideas dropped by vortex, and make a quick survey on it:
"Community" is not always the best term to use. In this case we want to
build networks foll all of us, not just a few ones or a given local
community or group since it could mean exclusions. What about SNML?
(where S stands forSpontaneous). We're still on time to change it :)


En/na kloschi ha escrit:
> Hi friends,
> sorry for the delay, but finally I summed up the inspiring talk at this
> years wizards of os in berlin, two weeks ago.
> it was a spontaneous gathering of different project, like hivenetworks,
> openwrt, wifidog, guife.net, freifunk.net, b.a.t.m.a.n. ..
> we discussed the need of the here and there already heared cml or CNML,
> Community Network Markup Language.
> As my server is not there yet, there is no mailinglist yet, but for
> interim I'd propose the WSFII wiki for posting and this mailinglist here
> for discussing the issue.
> have fun while reading here:
> http://summit.airjaldi.com/wiki/index.php/Community.Network.Markup.Language
> kind regards,
> kloschi
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