[isf-wifidog] Best Install Platform?

Wil bladerunner21st at yahoo.co.uk
Mar 28 Nov 12:09:11 EST 2006

Hi guys

After several weeks of experimentation, I'm still at a loss as to which is
the best Linux flavour to install Wifidog on. Can anybody help with this,
and if so, do they have a cast iron install document, as I've tried Red Hat
9 and followed the closest install document I could find here:
http://dev.wifidog.org/wiki/doc/install/rhes/auth-server, but that didn't
work. I've tried Fedora Core 5 using the same install document, as I've been
unable to find a FC5 specific document, but again I had problems with the
install, specifically being unable to complete the install.php requisites
such as mcrypt and mhash.

I gave up on Gentoo, and am now trying Ubuntu, which seemed to install fine
using this tutorial:
GGGL,GGGL:2006-42,GGGL:en%26sa%3DN but yet again, I seem to have fallen at
the last hurdle! No matter what I tried I couldn't get install.php to run, I
just got a 'Not Found' error when trying to open it through Firefox. 
Trying to start Postgresql informed me it wasn't installed, so I attempted
to re-install it. However, this was disastrous because there were no
compilers installed, so I had to install the build-essentials, but then
there were more dependencies missing etc etc. SO FRUSTRATING!!!!!

Can anyone help with a working install document for either FC5 or Ubuntu
Edgy Eft 6.10?

Any help much appreciated.


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