[isf-wifidog] Warning about SVN trunk lifted

Adam Ford adam at fordys.net
Mar 28 Nov 03:03:56 EST 2006

Heya Sir,

Ah-ha, many thanks! :o)

I've no problem with being a guinea pig / tester :o)

  - I've just svn updated, and retried - those errors have now gone-  
thanks!  Now moved onto the next error! :o)

PHP Fatal error:  Cannot access protected property TrivialLangstring:: 
$content_row in /usr/home/forda/wifi/authserv/htdocs/classes/ 
Content.php on line 115

Would you prefer me to submit these as tickets, or mail them here in  



On 27 Nov 2006, at 21:39, Benoit Grégoire wrote:

> On Monday 27 November 2006 14:15, Adam Ford wrote:
>> Heya Chaps,
>> Fantastic job on wifidog by the way - works wonders! :o)
>> ... until now of course! - I stupidly to the latest release of php
>> 5.2.0 (didn't realise at the time, latest version in freebsd ports
>> took me to it) - and it seems wifidog doesn't work with this version
>> yet.
>> There's a new DateTime routine in php 5.2.0 which conflicts with an
>> existing routine in wifidog, and some other private construct call
>> problems which I don't really understand right now.. :o)
>> I assume you guys don't know about this (or I'm doing something
>> incredibly wrong, since there's no mention on the website about
>> requiring an older version of php...
> Yes, that's http://dev.wifidog.org/ticket/270.  A sad little piece  
> of the PHP
> language design "process".
> As for requiring an "older" version, older is relative, PHP 5.2 was  
> released
> 25 days ago, and I didn't want to attempt this surgery untill I had  
> a PHP 5.2
> test bed, or a very available tester giving detailled bug reports.   
> You just
> volunteered for that assignment ;)
>> I managed to rename the DateTime() routine ok temporarily, but am
>> stuck on how to fix the next error;
>> PHP Fatal error:  Cannot call private Content::__construct() in /usr/
>> home/forda/wifi/authserv/htdocs/classes/Content/Langstring/
>> Langstring.php on line 71
>> help!? :o) - Its possible i inadvertently caused this error while
>> temporary-fixing the first!
> Much as i'd like to blame the PHP guys, it seems that PHP 5.2  
> actually fixed a
> class access control bug.  The error was in our code:  the Content  
> class
> contructor shouldn't be private, it should be protected.   But  
> previous
> versions of PHP allowed it, probably because we use an object  
> factory and PHP
> previously considered the scope of the construct call to be the one  
> of the
> parent class static method for the whole call tree, which is  
> arguably wrong.
> I fixed both problems in SVN, but didn't test on 5.2.   Please svn  
> update and
> tell me if it works now.
> -- 
> Benoit Grégoire
> http://benoitg.coeus.ca/

Adam Ford
adam at fordys.net
tel: 07810 800837

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