[isf-wifidog] Warning about SVN trunk lifted

Adam Ford adam at fordys.net
Lun 27 Nov 14:15:45 EST 2006

Heya Chaps,

Fantastic job on wifidog by the way - works wonders! :o)

... until now of course! - I stupidly to the latest release of php  
5.2.0 (didn't realise at the time, latest version in freebsd ports  
took me to it) - and it seems wifidog doesn't work with this version  

There's a new DateTime routine in php 5.2.0 which conflicts with an  
existing routine in wifidog, and some other private construct call  
problems which I don't really understand right now.. :o)

I assume you guys don't know about this (or I'm doing something  
incredibly wrong, since there's no mention on the website about  
requiring an older version of php...

I managed to rename the DateTime() routine ok temporarily, but am  
stuck on how to fix the next error;

PHP Fatal error:  Cannot call private Content::__construct() in /usr/ 
Langstring.php on line 71

help!? :o) - Its possible i inadvertently caused this error while  
temporary-fixing the first!



On 24 Nov 2006, at 19:39, Benoit Grégoire wrote:

> On Tuesday 14 November 2006 14:33, Benoit Grégoire wrote:
>> I'm working on several different parts of the wifidog auth server  
>> this
>> week, as well as doing extensive code refactoring.
> The trunk auth server has now been tested in production, and is  
> once again the
> supported version, feel free to upgrade, BUT for those who don't  
> read the
> changelog:
> -The schema upgrade is exceptionally intensive.  For those who had  
> servers in
> production for months/years with lot's of connections, we recommend  
> that you
> run this update at night.  In extreme cases (the Île sans fil liver  
> server),
> the schema update took over two hours and is a blocking operation...
> -There has been a dependency change in wifidog (first time in a  
> long while!),
> so you must re-run the install script to download them.  Utilll you  
> do, RSS
> support will be deactivated.
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