[isf-wifidog] funding question

Michael Lenczner mlenczner at gmail.com
Mar 7 Nov 15:06:38 EST 2006

Gabe asked me a question the other day why I didn't look for funding
for existing tickets or tickets that were holding up current
development instead of requesting money for development of
content/community stuff.

And Benoit wrote in his last email - "Hopefully we can get the basic
infrastructure for this going, even without funding.  So many tickets
are blocked or slowed down by the need for this."

This is a good question.  My reason (besides the fact that
content/community is the stuff I'm excited in) is that I don't know
any funders who will pay for this stuff.  I know funders who might pay
for applications of Wifidog 1) in a city's network 2) towards causes
like environmental awareness, social cohesion, multiculuralism, etc.
But I wouldn't have any ideas of who to ask to work on stuff like this
or like bandwidth throttling.

But any grants that I would write would have some money set aside for
other, deeper Wifidog development.   I know a lot of important work
still needs to be done before easy community tools can be made
available.  Just thought if Gabe was wondering, that other people
might have had the same question.

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