[isf-wifidog] Re[2]: Successful auth - but re-locks - continued.

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Mer 1 Nov 09:17:26 EST 2006

>> Is bridging on when you turn on wifidog?  In any case, check that when you
>> shutdown wifidog, you DO have internet access.

> I turn off bridging as shown on the docs pages.

> Which brings the question. Does WifiDog *reset* all the rules, so we can
> have a default-closed config, rather than default-open? (i.e. Flush
> iptables before creating the "new" rules? (Or am I totally lost and
> confused?)
> ---

Ok, when bridging is *not* configured the way the WRT install docs
show, things work differently. (i.e. When bridging is left on and the
S45firewall RC script is *unmodified*, the internet works when WifiDog
Gateway is NOT running.

It also give access for that brief 30-45 seconds after the user
"auths" and before it revokes the auth.

However the almost immediate revocation of the auth still occurs.

>> However this would not explain why the server returns you a deny.  Are you
>> sure that the user you are trying to use to connect to the internet has
>> validated?  Looking at the code, we may have made a logic error in the
>> authentication, causing a successfull auth followed by an immediate deny for
>> a user that has account status denied. 

>> Go to "User log" in the admin interface.  In the "Account Status" column, what
>> do you see for the user you are using to get internet access?

I'm using a completely stock DB. I've not added/registered any new
users at all. I'm using the "admin" account to get access.

When I check "User Log" in the admin interface it shows two users.
"Admin" and "SPLASH ONLY USER" both registered yesterday (when I
reinstalled the Auth Server) and both as "allowed" under "Account

Thoughts please!?


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