[isf-wifidog] WifiDog UI improvements

Phi Fou fifoude at hotmail.com
Dim 28 Mai 12:57:20 EDT 2006

I would suggest (as a newbie) the installation and setting documentation
by clarifying to which version (SVN or latest sourceforge bundle) it

François Proulx a écrit :
>>Couple of questions:
>>- Does it mean that current SVN will become a stable release downlable
>>from Sourceforge?
>No, not yet. We are not yet at 1.0. Have a look at the timeline on the 
>Trac. But we might want to package a new bundle soon for sourceforge.net
>>- Are there plans to improve documentation including user's contribution?
>Yes, it's part of what we want to accomplish for 1.0, everybody's little 
>contribution will be welcomed. Do you have any pointers on some areas of 
>documentation we might want to start with ?
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