[isf-wifidog] WifiDog UI improvements

François Proulx fproulx at edito.qc.ca
Sam 27 Mai 17:18:17 EDT 2006

Hi WifiDog devs and users,

I just want to mention, for those who have not already seen it, that  
last weekend Benoit and I have been working on the integration of  
Wifidog's new look and feel. This mostly completes the full featured  
templating system, which allows any network using Wifidog to  
customize its own look and feel very easily only with CSS and some  
images. No need to touch (and we really don't recommend you to do so)  
the source code from the SVN. This way it's much easier to follow  
Wifidog mainline evolution by simply updating the SVN and not  
worrying about having conflicts with your look and feel changes.

I also updated the screenshots on the Wiki to reflect these changes :  

The current SVN (Changeset 1069) has been running in production on  
Ile Sans Fil server for a week and we've seen over 3500 connections  
this week with no issue at all. FYI our network has 92 nodes up and  
running (spread across around 80 hotspots).

I also want to mention that last wednesday Ile Sans Fil held its  
annual general assembly as a non-profit organization. Members elected  
the new board members for this year and I (François Proulx) have been  
elected as the new V.P of Research and Development. I'll continue to  
work closely with WifiDog's project manager Benoit Grégoire. If you  
have any questions regarding our various projects or how we manage  
our network in Montreal I'll be more than happy to answer your  
questions by e-mail.

Also, thanks to Kim Tae Doo for sending us Japanese translations for  
the Auth. Server !

I know our german friend Max has a couple of new features he will be  
committing to the mainline over the next weeks... looking forward to  
see those ! :-)

See ya all,
François Proulx

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