[isf-wifidog] Japanese translation added to source code

Kim Tae Doo taedoo at ninjin-net.net
Ven 26 Mai 22:58:31 EDT 2006

Sorry, I'm checking my old classes/LocaleList.php.
I already adding japanese-specific content in this file ;-)


Kim Tae Doo wrote:
> Hi,every one.
> # Sorry,I had mistakes my E-mail address.
> # Right address is taedoo AT ninjin-net DOT net.
> Thenks a quick reseponse.
> Yet I have a one question.
> Max worte:
>  > Please remember to add japanese to the database and locale*.php as you
>  > won't be able to create japanese-specific content for the content
>  > plugins otherwise ...
> I add Japanese-specific content in database,
> Locale.php and config.php.
> But, I'm not add it in classes/LocaleList.php.
> However WifiDog is normally running on our web server with Japanese.
> What do this program, and I need adding it in Japanese-specific content?

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