[isf-wifidog] Auth Server up... but can't figure out a couple of things.

David Hudak daveh at charm.net
Jeu 11 Mai 18:04:41 EDT 2006


This is my first post to the list... but I've managed get the Auth 
Server up and working with my OpenWRT/Wifidog Linksys router on my own, 
with very rudimentary Linux skills.  Pretty happy with what I have so 
far.  Here is where I need some help though:

1.  In the Auth Server interface, I see the option for 'Administration' 
login.  How do I get in?  When I click here, I'm taken back to the login 
page.  I assume I need to login with an account that has administrative 
privileges but am not sure the user/pass to do so. 

2.  I  see from my logs that the Auth server sends the email out to a 
new user, and I see on my mail server the mail come in to go to my 
mailbox of the account I just signed up... but it is rejected as the 
sender address is a default xxxx at wifidognetorks  address, which 
obviously needs to be modified to a real email address, used by my 
wifidog admin.  I can't find where I adjust the email properties ....  
I'm thinking the Auth Server Administration interface will let me do 
some of this... 

Can anyone give me pointers on these two items?  Also, I found very, 
very few resources on getting the auth server up.  Are there any user 
created mini-guides/blogs/how to's you guys can point me to on this?  I 
plan on reloading the auth server on another box to gain experience and 
do things cleaner... would appreciate any pointer sites/docs.  Thanks 
for a wonderful project!!

David Hudak
Charm Net
daveh at charm.net
410-361-8160 x612

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