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Max Horváth max.horvath at maxspot.de
Jeu 11 Mai 17:08:03 EDT 2006

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User profile field plugins sounds like a very good idea ;) ...

François Proulx wrote:

> Hi !
> Since I know Benoit is currently (or will be soon) working on  
> implementing the user profiles, I think it's important that I give  
> my views on the topic since I have a very good knowledge of the  
> different social software available now and that I'm constantly in  
> contact with many of our "trendy" users who will be using this  
> feature (artists, web designers, podcasters, bloggers etc...).
> Notwithstanding the usual user profiles fields : nickname,  
> description, interests ... we need to let each network decide which  
> information they want to let their user enter in their profiles.  
> Even though it implies to create a generic database schema, I am  
> strongly advocate that we don't let this feeling get to the user. I  
> know everybody will want to let people see their Flickr pics in a  
> glimpse, see their 43 Things, Places etc... So the only way to do  
> it is to have a subset of the Content plugins, so that we can reuse  
> the Content interface, but without providing a full back-end and  
> with a simple non-configurable output.
> In other words : we need to create model that will let us create  
> very small and simple Content classes for each "complex" profile  
> field. I don't want us to use the Flickr aggregator here though,  
> since it's way to complex to simply display the 5 last pics (so  
> we'll use Flickr Badge : http://www.flickr.com/badge_new.gne). I  
> will take time to code this part. Same for 43things and 43 places.
> ***The point is that people know these "brandnames" Flickr,  
> del.icio.us, 43things, Friendster, LinkedIn etc... We cannot simply  
> use generic name and style ***, thus the name for a subset of  
> Content plugins at least for what the user will see (maybe these  
> classes will have certain flag "profile content" or whatever...).
> These are thoughts on the matter.
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