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Max Horváth max.horvath at maxspot.de
Mer 10 Mai 11:54:35 EDT 2006

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Thank you for your time put into writing the status report.

> Sorry it's been so long since I've actually sent a status report on  
> wifidog's
> development status and direction.
> First, several people involved in wifidog physically meet in St- 
> Louis for the
> National Summit for Community Wireless Networks.  The priorities of  
> several
> groups and development directions were synchronised there.
> Priorities
> -MAC adress whitelisting trough the server (Maxspot,
> http://dev.wifidog.org/ticket/76)
> -Explicit Terms and Conditions support (Unanimous priority,  
> assigned to Max)
> Finishing layout engine (Unanimous priority, assigned to me)
> -Allowing node to override network wide content (NYC wireless  
> priority, not
> assigned to anyone, but consensus is that this feature should be  
> planned for)
> -Add hover help to most element of the admin interface (ISF priority)
> -User profile support (ISF, http://dev.wifidog.org/ticket/18)
> -Support for hotspot adopters/tech support (ISF, no ticket yet)
> -Focus on bug fix and 1.0 release (unanimous, once the above is  
> done.  This
> will be beta 1, and major features will be frozen untill release  
> (unless they
> aren't core or are minor)
> -Group mailing features (ISF,  Maxspot, NYC,
> https://dev.wifidog.org/ticket/122, likely to wait for 1.1)
> My personal schedule (a lot of this is likely to start happening  
> this week, in
> this approximate order)
> -Finish display ordering, implement everywhere content, have  
> everywhere have
> ordering priority over networkj and network over node content.
> -Add theme manager (this will allow every group to have separate  
> stylesheets
> and images without disrupting themes or templates)
> -Remove static text from SVN (FAQ, accounts on this system are  
> free, etc.)  No
> longer needed.
> ---If terms of service are done, this will be the 1.0b1 release, as  
> there will
> be no completely new major features to be implemented for 1.0
> -Re-write most main interface elements (Online user list, recently  
> added
> hotspots, etc.) as static content element so that not all groups  
> are forced
> to use them.
> -Make RSS aggregator display more customizable
> -Add user profile support
> -Integrate new default layout
> -Add early hotspot adopter/tech support facilities
> -Focus on bug fixing/1.0 stuff (review of access control list  
> granularity is
> amon the early priorities)
> The goal of most of this is to give more power/flexibility to every  
> group to
> decide for themselves what they want to use, how to use it and how  
> it's going
> to look, without having to change SVN versionned code and templates.
> Hopefully this gives a good overview, if there are any questions or  
> concerns,
> feel free to ask/comment.
> -- 
> Benoit Grégoire, http://benoitg.coeus.ca/
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Sounds great. I'll be starting my tasks next week.

Cheers, Max!

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