[isf-wifidog] Authentication denied

Max Horváth max.horvath at maxspot.de
Sam 6 Mai 15:53:45 EDT 2006

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Yeah well,

problem can be reproduced very easily:

login at a hotspot ... close your browser ...

open up another browser and got to the auth servers login page ...

login again ...

access denied ...

now you won't be able to surf the web at all ...

message of the gateway:

Auth: 0
Messages: | Tried to login with a token that wasn't TOKEN_UNUSED.
[6][Sat May  6 21:43:02 2006][21647](centralserver.c:149) Auth server  
returned authentication code 0
[7][Sat May  6 21:43:02 2006][21647](auth.c:123) Locking client list
[7][Sat May  6 21:43:02 2006][21647](auth.c:123) Client list locked
[6][Sat May  6 21:43:02 2006][21647](auth.c:163) Got DENIED from  
central server authenticating token e60af0c61b0718c296d419b70d1cc5b9  
from at 00:11:24:C2:92:76 - redirecting them to denied  
[7][Sat May  6 21:43:03 2006][21647](auth.c:265) Unlocking client list
[7][Sat May  6 21:43:03 2006][21647](auth.c:265) Client list unlocked
[7][Sat May  6 21:43:03 2006][21647](httpd_thread.c:68) Returned from  
httpdProcessRequest() for
[7][Sat May  6 21:43:03 2006][21647](httpd_thread.c:73) Closing  
connection with

Solution should be:

If a user with a token in use tries to login again and the MAC  
matches with the one of the token in use the auth server shouldn't  
send a denied message because this will cause the gateway to block  
the access to the internet ... resulting in the user gotta wait for  
minutes to be able to login again ...

Resolving that bug should be a high priority as it happened quite  
often the last weeks ...

I try to check the code but would be very happy if you guys could  
help me resolving that bug ...

Thanks and cheers, Max

Benoit Grégoire wrote:

> On May 6, 2006 11:47 am, Max Horváth wrote:
>> Just a plain "access denied" ...
> Humm, we are going to need the output of wifidog run in -d7 mode when
> it happens.
> -- 
> Benoit Grégoire, http://benoitg.coeus.ca/

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