[isf-wifidog] Re: system_path - page content with mishmash of http and https links

Benoit Grégoire bock at step.polymtl.ca
Mar 2 Mai 10:29:34 EDT 2006

On April 30, 2006 08:36 am, Rob Janes wrote:
> Well, the patch file that reverts your changes on my changes is short
> and free of conflicts, so I am not inclined to fork.  I need that patch
> cause I don't want to get the browser warnings again about a mishmash of
> http/https content.  Firefox doesn't seem to mind but IE complains
> bitterly.
> With tongue in cheek, perhaps you could file this and just cut and paste
> it into an email the next time the situation arises:
> "Hi (replace with name) Rob, I reverted some of your changes re (insert
> problem here) system_path due to (insert reason here) consensus
> conflict.  have a look, any q email. thx, Benoit."

I'll try ;)

> So setting BASE_URL_PATH to SYSTEM_PATH might be a friendly change?  
> Then I could get rid of the http/https crap with a friendly patch, 
> commit and then not have to worry about code merges?  hmmm.


> The change_password page can be displayed in http or https, it should
> not and does not matter.  What matters is the post action.  If one is
> concerned about security, the post action must be https.  That's when
> the userid and password go out in the net.  Until then it's just an
> empty form.  The problem I currently have is that change_password
> accepts the https post but does not redirect to clear the https.  The
> reason it doesn't is it has to display the info message about the
> password change, and to get it to do that after a redirect is some extra
> fiddling I didn't have time for.

Works for me when you get around to it.

> it would be nice if i got an email when a bug was assigned to me.  i had
> no idea.  I made that change cause of errors showing up in the log.

You probably forgot to set your email adress in trac. Click on "Settings" on 
the side of the "Login" link. 

Benoit Grégoire, http://benoitg.coeus.ca/
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