[isf-wifidog] Error During Installation

luffy .D goodluffy at gmail.com
Jeu 30 Mar 09:11:24 EST 2006

  Hello all i get this error during installation.Also before this i had an
error Administration account
*Warning*: pg_query()
Query failed: ERROR: duplicate key violates unique constraint
"idx_unique_username_and_account_origin" in */var/www/wifidog-
auth-1.0.0_m2/wifidog/classes/AbstractDbPostgres.php* on line *287*

ExecuterSqlResUnique(): ERREUR: Lors de l'exÃ(c)cution de la requête SQL:

INSERT INTO users (user_id,username,
VALUES ('a5d3053819cfef75b713877a21536a6c','admin','default-network','webmaster at localhost','Qpf0SxOVUjUkWySXOZ16kw==','5','10606f5a124c9ead2aea803551db8f57',NOW())

 L'erreur est:
ERROR: duplicate key violates unique constraint

*Fatal error*: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'User id:
a5d3053819cfef75b713877a21536a6c could not be found in the database' in
/var/www/wifidog-auth-1.0.0_m2/wifidog/classes/User.php:202 Stack trace: #0
User->__construct('a5d3053819cfef7...') #1 /var/www/wifidog-
User::createUser('a5d3053819cfef7...', 'admin', Object(Network), '
webmaster at local...', '123123') #2 {main} thrown in */var/www/wifidog-
auth-1.0.0_m2/wifidog/classes/User.php* on line *202*


Then when i proceed to http://server./wifidog-auth-1.0.0_m2/wifidog/ i see
this above the login panel.

Warning in /classes/Locale.php : Unable to setlocale() to fr, return value:
, current locale:
in /classes/Locale.php : Unable to setlocale() to fr, return value: ,
current locale: The

Unnamed network network currently has 2 valid users, 0 user(s) are currently

and when i try logging in login fails :(

Also the password asked during the installation does not work i tried
*ls -ld /var/www/wifidog-auth-1.0.0_m2/wifidog | awk '{print $6$7$8} *
*as well as*
*LANG=C ls -ld /var/www/wifidog-auth-1.0.0_m2/wifidog | awk '{print $6$7$8}*
both the passowrds where not accepted could only go ahead after edit ing the
install.php page to $auth=true;

Thank you.

Luffy :)
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