[isf-wifidog] Request for comments, portal customization mechanisms

Max Horváth max.horvath at maxspot.de
Dim 26 Mar 22:37:28 EST 2006

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Well, I really like the idea ... it's a great to remove SMARTY  
templating and makes the system much more flexible. Really nice!

The only suggestion I'd like to make is to add CSS Ids to every  
element ... that's what I learned by customizing the layout of  
maxspot ... some thing couldn't be catched by CSS without adding  
specific Ids ...

Besides that I'd like to add one suggestion ... it hasn't much to do  
with the templating ... but on one side it affects the display / use  
of some data.

It would be great if we could add more flexibility of the object  
model ... for example here at maxspot we don't need the value "info  
on mass transportation" ... but for sure it would be great, if we / 
other groups could add some other categories without customizing the  
code of WiFiDog itself.

So far, Max

Am 26.03.2006 um 01:13 schrieb Benoit Grégoire:

> Hello fellow developers and users,
> I took the time to try and write down the consensus on wifidog  
> customization
> befor I start on HTML and CSS cleanups (as I understand it).  For  
> now, this
> is design documentation as not everything is implemented.  I would  
> very much
> appreciate your feedback on the main document
> (http://dev.wifidog.org/wiki/doc/developer/PortalCustomization) but  
> more
> importantly on the proposed CSS structural layout diagram:
> https://dev.wifidog.org/attachment/wiki/doc/developer/ 
> PortalCustomization/structural_layout_wifidog.pdf
> Specifically, do you think we need anything more id, class or makup- 
> wise to
> allow for any customization you may want to do?
> Also, if you have any question or would like clarification for one  
> of these
> documents, don't hesitate to ask here or on IRC.
> Good night,
> -- 
> Benoit Grégoire, http://benoitg.coeus.ca/
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