[isf-wifidog] Multiple SSIDs - WPA support for Wifidog on the WRT54g

Max Horváth max.horvath at maxspot.de
Sam 18 Mar 07:55:21 EST 2006

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Multiple SSIDs won't be included in OpenWrt WhiteRussian - this  
feature has been added to Kamikaze, but is broken at the moment. And  
it is a low priority for the OpenWrt developers ...

But I don't see much need for this feature ... any private data  
should be running on an encrypted protocol ...

Cheers, Max!

Am 18.03.2006 um 09:05 schrieb Francois Proulx:

> Hi everybody,
> I've started investigating on WPA (Radius) in TKIP/AES mode lately.  
> I got
> my WRT54g to authenticate users through a 802.1X / WPA scheme  
> against my
> OpenLDAP (OS X 10.4 Server users database). I works really nicely and
> provides per-user / per-connection encryption.
> What's even more interesting is that I read that the Broadcom chip  
> inside
> the WRT54g can do multiple SSIDs (although all on the same channel,  
> but
> it's not that bad in our case). DD-WRT will implement the feature  
> in its
> next build. The feature has been requested on OpenWRT's Trac so it's
> coming in the next few months.
> What this all means is that we could provide in-the-air encryption for
> user connected to our hotspots. One SSID would be in the clear (no  
> WEP or
> WPA) letting new users create a free account. The second SSID would
> provide a 802.1X scheme authenticating against a central RADIUS  
> server.
> Wifidog would have to be modified to greet users already  
> authenticated and
> redirecting them straight to the portal page.
> I know it's a low priority feature, but it's something that we've been
> talking about for a long time without any real solution since we  
> thought
> we could not do multiple SSIDs.
> See ya
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