[isf-wifidog] Hotspot Map Crashes IE

Max Horváth max.horvath at maxspot.de
Mer 15 Mar 09:42:02 EST 2006

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Hi Rob,

this is very strange ... and I assume it's your server setup. The map =20=

loaded awfully slow on Safari and Firefox.

Regarding any crashs of IE I'd never experience that here at maxspot.

Could you try, if it happends on this site, too? http://=20

Cheers, Max!

Am 15.03.2006 um 14:00 schrieb Rob Kelley (NYCw):

> Hi:
> I don=1B$B!G=1B(Bt know if this is a local problem or a wifidog =
problem, but =20
> it=1B$B!G=1B(Bs pretty terrible, so here
> it is.
> On the NYCwireless site, when you use Internet Explorer to browse
> https://nycwireless.net/hotspots_map.php, it pops up a =1B$B!I=1B(Bpage =
> aborted=1B$B!I=1B(B error.  If you press OK,
> you get a page not displayed error.  If you don=1B$B!G=1B(Bt press OK, =
you =20
> finally get the screenshot
> below:
> http://nycwireless.net/tiki-download_file.php?fileId=3D44 (287 kb, =
> What's worse, if you go through regular http, you get hit with a =20
> certificate warning that
> flickers (multiple instances?), then the whole browser just crashes.
> It works fine but slowly in Firefox and Safari.   Try for yourself:
> https://auth.nycwireless.net/hotspots_map.php
> http://auth.nycwireless.net/hotspots_map.php
> Any idea what=1B$B!G=1B(Bs going on here?  I was wondering if it was =
the use =20
> of absolute image paths (https
> and http), but I don=1B$B!G=1B(Bt know.
> This is the main PR vehicle for the success of our wifidog =20
> deployment so we need to get it back
> working ASAP.
> Help MUCH appreciated.
> Rob Kelley
> rob at nycwireless.net
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