[isf-wifidog] Captive Portal

H Marc Bower oplsys at hotmail.com
Ven 10 Mar 15:58:48 EST 2006

Yeah I'm pretty sure I have that all configured corectly.  Below is my conf 
file contents.  Note that the Gateway and Auth-Server are running on the 
same box.  I set the Firewall rules to block everything to try and force the 
capture or at least stop the Internet availability so I can see a change.

# WiFiDog Configuration file

GatewayID default

# NIC connected to Internet through LAN
ExternalInterface eth0

# NIC connected to hotspot
GatewayInterface eth1

# GatewayAddress

# AuthServMaxTries 3

# Does it matter if this IP is eth0 or eth1?
AuthServer {
    SSLAvailable no
    Path /wifidog/

# Daemon 1

# GatewayPort 2060

# HTTPDName WiFiDog

# HTTPDMaxConn 10

CheckInterval 60

ClientTimeout 5

FirewallRuleSet global {
#    FirewallRule allow tcp port 80 to
     FirewallRule block to

# Rule Set: validating-users
# Used for new users validating their account
# Port 25 = SMTP <- BLOCK
#FirewallRuleSet validating-users {
#    FirewallRule block tcp port 25
#    FirewallRule allow to

# Rule Set: known-users
# Used for normal validated users.
#FirewallRuleSet known-users {
#    FirewallRule allow to

# Rule Set: unknown-users
# Used for unvalidated users, this is the ruleset that gets redirected.
# XXX The redirect code adds the Default DROP clause.
# Port 53 = DNS
# Port 67 = DHCP
# Allows new network clients to get an IP Address so they can connect to 
auth server
#FirewallRuleSet unknown-users {
#    FirewallRule allow udp port 53
#    FirewallRule allow tcp port 53
#    FirewallRule allow udp port 67
#    FirewallRule allow tcp port 67

# Rule Set: locked-users
# Used for users that have been locked out.
FirewallRuleSet locked-users {
    FirewallRule block to

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>To: WiFiDog Captive Portal <wifidog at listes.ilesansfil.org>
>Subject: Re: [isf-wifidog] Captive Portal
>Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 15:35:12 -0500
>Hi Chris,
>Did you specify an authentication server in the wifidog.conf config  file, 
>and is the GatewayInterface set to the interface your laptops  or systems 
>come from when they want to get to the internet?
>On 10-Mar-06, at 2:37 PM, H Marc Bower wrote:
>>Any help here would be greatly appreciated.
>>I have setup the auth-server and gateway on a Mandriva 2006 box.  I  got 
>>no errors during installation.  When a test system connects to  the 
>>hotspot they do not see a login screen.  They just go to there  default 
>>home page.  What should I try to redirect to a login page?

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