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Iurgi Arginzoniz iurgi at fon.es
Mer 21 Juin 17:55:37 EDT 2006

Hi all,

But there's something I don't seem to understand. What is the current status of the mac authentication? It's not included in the feature list and I can only see 2 open tickets related to it.

User+pass+mac shouldn't be difficult at all (I guess we are talking about the mac address of the AP to limit the user to a certain number of APs - correct me if I'm wrong - or are you talking about authenticating users that use an specific device? If so, what would be the use you are thinking on?): it'd probably mean a little change in the gateway and another one in the auth server+DB.

I am currently starting to deeply study wifidog to consider it as a substitution to chillispot in our network. One of the most important things for us is to be able to authenticate devices that don't have a html browser (no http redirection is possible). Furthermore, we dream to have devices identified based on their OUI (is that the name of the mac prefix?) and open the access depending on the expected service, i.e.: open access ONLY to nintendo gaming servers and ports to nintendo ds devices. This is good for both optimizing the access rules (non browser based devices require a limited number of ports/services open) and also avoid mac-spoofing for free authentication: if I spoof a nintendo ds' mac address with my PC I will only be able to use nintendo gaming servers and ports.

Any ideas, comments, info related to this?


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The locustworld mesh uses nocat, and you can setup users as validated against 
depending on how secure you want your logings to be. 
It should be a simple change to add mac to the first login redirect, I'd do once I get a build env setup 
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This would work for VOIP phones (I think we discussed this a few months ago).

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On Jun 21, 2006, at 1:00 PM, François Proulx wrote:
I guess Nintendo has a few IEEE OUI. If we have add MAC whitelist via the auth server it could also support OUI groups. 


On 21-Jun-06, at 12:40 PM, Michael Lenczner wrote: 

How would the mac address get on the list? 

If the answer is that people would have to submit their mac address, I 
don't think that's a workable solution for tens of thousands of 
regular users. 

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I think mac only auth needs adding to support devices that don't support 
html like nintendo DS etc. I think its a simple change of sending the mac 
is the first wifidog redirection as well as the second, and then auto 
permitting if the mac is in a list. 

> update # 2 
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