[isf-wifidog] Wiki page about supporting devices without a web browser

Benoit Gregoire bock at step.polymtl.ca
Mer 21 Juin 17:24:48 EDT 2006

On Wednesday 21 June 2006 11:26, ian.white at datamile-computers.com wrote:
> I think mac only auth needs adding to support devices that don't support
> html like nintendo DS etc. I think its a simple change of sending the mac
> is the first wifidog redirection as well as the second, and then auto
> permitting if the mac is in a list.

Unfortunately it's a LOT more complicated than that.

It seems that most people in this thread have not seen (or forgotten about) 
the last thread where this was discussed at length 
top of page), I've decided to add a wiki page about it, explaining the  
technical issues and possible solutions:  

I tried to keep the neutral point of view.  Feel free to add pros, cons, 
solutions or extend on the implementation related docs at the end.  However, 
please don't start arguing on the wiki, that is why we have an IRC channel 
and a mailing list.

As for my  point of view on the philosophical/policy/user convenience issues: 
I would have much to say about the obvious ethical ties with the Network 
Neutrality, DRM and P2P debates.  However, as far as wifidog is concerned, I 
don't have much to add to what I said last time 

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