[isf-wifidog] Re: update from municonference

François Proulx fproulx at edito.qc.ca
Mer 21 Juin 13:56:19 EDT 2006

It's totally feasible, the gateway is already sending it... Though  
it'll probably come after we hit 1.0, we need to concentrate on  
fixing current stuff before.

On 21-Jun-06, at 1:52 PM, Peter Abrahamsen wrote:

> I like the idea of IEEE OUI lists for selection; I also like the  
> idea that there simply be a list of MACs that have tried to  
> communicate in the last hour or whatever, when they tried to do so,  
> and as much information as is reasonable about what kind of device  
> it was, so you can select some and hit OK. The user would have an  
> "authorize other device" kind of button, and could select from that  
> list.
> Would this be much work? A log that kept track of the last packet 
> (s) by MAC, and was parseable by the auth server?
> Would that I had no other responsibilities, and could focus on this...
> P
> On Jun 21, 2006, at 10:40 AM, Michael Lenczner wrote:
>> How would the mac address get on the list?
>> If the answer is that people would have to submit their mac  
>> address, I
>> don't think that's a workable solution for tens of thousands of
>> regular users.
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