[isf-wifidog] Re: update from municonference

Peter Abrahamsen rainhead at gmail.com
Mer 21 Juin 13:52:54 EDT 2006

I like the idea of IEEE OUI lists for selection; I also like the idea  
that there simply be a list of MACs that have tried to communicate in  
the last hour or whatever, when they tried to do so, and as much  
information as is reasonable about what kind of device it was, so you  
can select some and hit OK. The user would have an "authorize other  
device" kind of button, and could select from that list.

Would this be much work? A log that kept track of the last packet(s)  
by MAC, and was parseable by the auth server?

Would that I had no other responsibilities, and could focus on this...


On Jun 21, 2006, at 10:40 AM, Michael Lenczner wrote:

> How would the mac address get on the list?
> If the answer is that people would have to submit their mac address, I
> don't think that's a workable solution for tens of thousands of
> regular users.

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