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Lun 19 Juin 20:58:00 EDT 2006

This mail might end up being a dupe, as I originally sent this from the
wrong account .


Greetings Everyone,


New member on the wifidog list. I believe the wifidog was the most
appropriate wifi list in mtl, but if this message were to be OT, please
advise, and will take my business elsewhere.


I'm in need of help to modify my wrt54gs', specifically add serial
connectors onto them, I thought the developers were more likely to be
helpful in this area. Simply put, I locked my self out of two units, and
need console access to revert the situation. I do have better purpose for
the serial connectors eventually, but this situation is more immediate.


Could someone please tell me where I could obtain the voltage 'downgrader'
(?, the 12v to 3.3v thing) locally, either at a store, or if a member has a
few extra units; and if this same person were to feel very benevolent, they
could help me actually solder them on as I don't have much experience in
electronics; I'd rather brick something cheap! No favor goes unrewarded


Thanks in advance

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