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Max Horváth max.horvath at maxspot.de
Lun 19 Juin 17:12:49 EDT 2006

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Thanks for the info!

May I ask which network network you've been talking about regarding  
the "advertising supported network in Europe"?

Cheers, Max!

Michael Lenczner wrote:

> I just gave a quick demo of Wifidog on a panel called "Open Source /
> Open Hardware".
> 30 people total.
> 4 people had heard of wifidog.
> 2 of the people there already had plans to install wifidog on their
> network - one from a CWN and one from an advertising supported network
> in Europe.
> I was on the panel with Sanjit Biswas from MIT Roofnet and
> http://meraki.net/ , Richard MacKinnon from Austin City Wireless - who
> we met at the Missouri CommunityWireless conference.  Chris DiBona -
> open source manager for google - was supposed to be on the panel, but
> he only showed up at the end of the panel :-(  It was moderated by
> Sascha - from CUWIN.
> Sascha brought together the people on the panel to discuss building a
> entire open source + hardware turnkey mesh solution that includes
> multimedia + local content.  He's told us serveral times over the last
> year that Wifidog is an important part of that in his mind.
> Also, related news is that CuWIN was just notified this morning that
> they received a NSF grant of $500,000.  A portion of that will go into
> software development.
> Mike
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