[isf-wifidog] wifidog development

rob dyke rob at comwifinet.com
Jeu 20 Juil 05:12:02 EDT 2006

Hi Sam, All list,

re mapping: you should also make contact with Jo Walsh and have a  
read of her latest post to her devlog: http://frot.org/devlog/

> 4) Node user management. This is a little more tricky. This way, if  
> John
> Smith is abusing node_1, the manager of the node could block him from
> node_1, but he'd still be able to access other nodes.
> 5) mac address blocking from auth server. This way a known abuser  
> can't
> create a new user. maybe timed, so an abuse expires after a month.

This sounds interesting - yet it starts to take wifidog towards  
chillispot....... many onlist discussions on this topic to be had I  



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