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Alexis Cornellier alexis.cornellier at gmail.com
Mer 19 Juil 11:10:44 EDT 2006

Anyone can answer this guy here? i mean, he want to help and he seems he
can. So don't let him go on another open source project.


On 7/19/06, Sam Leathers <disasm at gentux.org> wrote:
> I'm interested in helping with the project. I have a few good ideas of
> changes to enhance it.
> First, to give you a little background:
> I live in Central PA, and am looking at marketing free wireless setups
> to restaurants, bed & breakfasts, etc... in the area here. I have a
> working test setup currently at wifidog.gentux.org.
> Some ideas I have:
> 1) enhancements to the hotspot map. Integrations with google local, so
> if the business address matches google local, a search could be done of
> restaurants, and it would return all restaurants on the wireless hotspot
> map, same with inns/hotels, etc...
> 2) localities, I'm not sure if this is what networks could be used for,
> but it seemed the network list showed up for all networks at every
> hotspot, let me know if I'm wrong with this. By localities, I mean
> city1.domain.com and city2.domain.com, where the hotspot map for city1
> would zoom around city1, and city2 would zoom around city2, then
> domain.com hotspot map would zoom out to show all localities. Then the
> default splash for all nodes with city1 would tailor to the city (ie. A
> victorian historic district would have images of historic buildings on
> the login and splash page, and a football town, would have logos for the
> team)
> 3) Locality administrators. This would require a database change I
> think. Basically a username would need to have an array of localities it
> administers, so it could change things for that given locality.
> 4) Node user management. This is a little more tricky. This way, if John
> Smith is abusing node_1, the manager of the node could block him from
> node_1, but he'd still be able to access other nodes.
> 5) mac address blocking from auth server. This way a known abuser can't
> create a new user. maybe timed, so an abuse expires after a month.
> These are the main ideas I have now. I have other ideas, but they aren't
> quite as major. So what do I need to do to get involved in the project
> and submit changes to the base code? I know I can modify the php and
> database myself, but I'm not looking customize the project for myself,
> but to help make these changes so anyone can take advantage of them.
> Also, in regard to these ideas, do you think they'd be better as part of
> the base of it, or modular where they can be enabled or disabled by the
> user?
> Sam
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