[isf-wifidog] Wifidog development

Sam Leathers disasm at gentux.org
Mer 19 Juil 00:00:33 EDT 2006

I'm interested in helping with the project. I have a few good ideas of 
changes to enhance it.

First, to give you a little background:

I live in Central PA, and am looking at marketing free wireless setups 
to restaurants, bed & breakfasts, etc... in the area here. I have a 
working test setup currently at wifidog.gentux.org.

Some ideas I have:

1) enhancements to the hotspot map. Integrations with google local, so 
if the business address matches google local, a search could be done of 
restaurants, and it would return all restaurants on the wireless hotspot 
map, same with inns/hotels, etc...
2) localities, I'm not sure if this is what networks could be used for, 
but it seemed the network list showed up for all networks at every 
hotspot, let me know if I'm wrong with this. By localities, I mean 
city1.domain.com and city2.domain.com, where the hotspot map for city1 
would zoom around city1, and city2 would zoom around city2, then 
domain.com hotspot map would zoom out to show all localities. Then the 
default splash for all nodes with city1 would tailor to the city (ie. A 
victorian historic district would have images of historic buildings on 
the login and splash page, and a football town, would have logos for the 
3) Locality administrators. This would require a database change I 
think. Basically a username would need to have an array of localities it 
administers, so it could change things for that given locality.
4) Node user management. This is a little more tricky. This way, if John 
Smith is abusing node_1, the manager of the node could block him from 
node_1, but he'd still be able to access other nodes.
5) mac address blocking from auth server. This way a known abuser can't 
create a new user. maybe timed, so an abuse expires after a month.

These are the main ideas I have now. I have other ideas, but they aren't 
quite as major. So what do I need to do to get involved in the project 
and submit changes to the base code? I know I can modify the php and 
database myself, but I'm not looking customize the project for myself, 
but to help make these changes so anyone can take advantage of them. 
Also, in regard to these ideas, do you think they'd be better as part of 
the base of it, or modular where they can be enabled or disabled by the 


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