[isf-wifidog] state of the union

Jo Walsh jo at frot.org
Lun 17 Juil 17:26:25 EDT 2006

Thanks for forwarding this, Mike :) It is for you guys at wifidog /
ISF that I really intend this; I'd like to be able to "give back" for
some of the use value that wirelesslondon and other groups got out of
wifidog. Finding a graspable 2-week project to move some of this
forward, and that's actually *useful*, not just in "visionary mode" ;)
is going to be the harder part... 

On Mon, Jul 17, 2006 at 12:33:33PM -0700, Michael Lenczner wrote:
> Also, the huge problem we're facing is not really UI (we can fix
> that).  The *really* tough one is geo-annotated content - which
> doesn't really exist.  So in my mind, ISF's challenge over the next
> two years is to leverage our users and our partners to make a huge
> increase in the annotation and form of Montreal's content.
> A perfect example is getting the Hansards from a daily txt file to
> geo-tagged rss feeds.
> http://frot.org/devlog/2006/07/16/the-state-of-wireless-mapping/

I put this on my dodgy blog because i very much want suggestions as to
what we should be working on. I'm sure i'm missing out on quite a few
related efforts here - PlaceSite is one that i didn't cover because i
don't really know it, and for all its "placeness", it's not very
"spatial". http://www.neighbornode.net/ is another project like this,
that you've talked about, Mike.



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