[isf-wifidog] Download and time based limits

Rajkumar S. rajkumars at asianetindia.com
Mer 12 Juil 07:22:00 EDT 2006


I have a requirement to terminate customer's connection based on  
either download limit or usage time. As far as I understand this is  
not possible with wifidog. So I am trying to add support for these,  
and if possible support for prepaid tokens and pins also.

I am going through the code trying to read and understand. My idea is  
to hook the limit checking into auth/index.php after the call to  

I will add another method to authenticator to check if the user has  
exceeded the defined limits.

I am just checking if there are any existing plans/designs to get this  
done. As far as possible I want to make sure that what I do is  
compatable with the overall design of wifidog so that it can be  
intagrated into the code base.

I also want the meaning of Network, node, portal and content in the  
context of wifidog. I have some vague idea and understanding but  
getting a canonical def can help a lot in clarifying the concept.

Right now when I try to browse from a machine I get the wifidog login  
page but after logging I am not redirected to the url that I was  
trying to browse, but to the logged in page. what I want is to get a  
popup with the logout button and the browser should proceed to the url  
I had originally typed.

with regards,


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