[isf-wifidog] How to Auth non-browser based devices

Jason Potter jasonp at iinet.net.au
Mar 31 Jan 23:37:36 EST 2006

Hi All,

Just an extension to the discussion below, what are the approaches to giving
free wifi to devices in a venue that don't have a browser.  


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On January 30, 2006 08:06 am, Brian Converse wrote:
> No browser. It will let you scan for a network and associate and can
> do WEP.  I got my son one for xmas which brought my attention to it.
> I have read some articles where Nintendo has partnered with some pay
> aggregators to allow free access for DS users. Here is an article
> from Dailywireless...
> http://www.dailywireless.org/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=4906
> I was thinking it would be fun for some of our venues to hold a DS
> event. Not sure how BT is authenticating them.

They probably whitelist the nintendo servers, but I can't find any technical

info about those servers anywhere.
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