[isf-wifidog] Paths in WiFiDog auth server

Max Horváth max.horvath at maxspot.de
Lun 30 Jan 01:52:54 EST 2006

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Benoit Grégoire wrote:

> On January 29, 2006 07:46 pm, Max Horváth wrote:
>> Okay, I'd like to talk about some of them ... let#s start step by  
>> step:
>> /
>>    /sql
>>    /wifidog
>>      /admin
>> - good so far ;)
>>        /templates
>> - I'd like to move that directory to the /wifidog/templates directory
>> - it just belongs there
> Agreed
>> - could be named /wifidog/templates/admin
> Well, I'm not sure we need to separate them.  But we must be  
> consistent:
> either the structure of /wifidog/templates mirrors /wifidog for every
> directory containing public scripts, or it does not.

Well, I just started to move HTML code from PHP code to smarty.

MainUI class reads really easy now and resulted in just 3 really easy  

To easy editing templates later I started to put those files into / 

Then I thought about moving the templates being used by actual sites  
to /wifidog/templates/sites ...

So wouldn't it be better for the survey to add the templates of the  
admin section to /wifidog/sites/admin?

I think it'll be much easier to customize if we have less files in  
one templates folder, but all "sites" templates in just one folder.

>>      /content
>>        /PatternLanguage
>> - what are we doing in those directories exactly?
> It's for scripts that display or manipulate a content type but not  
> from the
> portal or admin interface.  In the case of PatternLanguage, it's to  
> display
> the narratives created by the visiting users.

Sounds like a nice feature ... is there any documentation on that?

>>      /cron
>>      /images
>>        /PatternLanguage
>> - good, even though we should think about giving the files in the /
>> wifidog/images directory meaningful names
> the image directory will mostly be emptied once I finish completely
> refactoring stylesheet handling.  Don't worry about it for now.

Nice ;) ...

But we shouldn't remove this folder ... customization images should  
all go in this folder, shouldn't it?

>>      /include
>>        /HTMLeditor
>>          /images
>>          /toolbar
>>      /js
>> -good
> Actually, that's exactly what  /content/HTMLeditor was meant for,  
> publically
> adressable scripts and documents directly used or related to a  
> single Content
> type.  /include is for php includes that are not classes.

Good to know that.

In fact I put those files in the folder they're right now, cause it  
wasn't clear for me, where they belong to.

I'll be moving those files to the /wifidog/content folder soon ;) ...

>>      /tmp
>>        /cache
>>        /magpie_cache
>>        /smarty
>>          /cache
>>          /configs
>>          /templates_c
>> - again - those directories should be moved to /templates directly -
>> they don't need to be world readable
> No, but they need to be writeable by the webserver, which would be  
> kind of
> unusual outside the document root.

So just add a .htaccess file to - would that be fine? (I know - I  
just repeated myself ;))

Cheers, Max!

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