[isf-wifidog] MySQL support - shouldn't we skip it?

Jay Smith jay.smith at tenanji.com
Dim 22 Jan 20:52:46 EST 2006

Max Horváth wrote:

> Jay, you should be talking to Benoit, how you can get started :).  
> Benoit once wrote, he'd support the MySQL code maintainer in telling  
> him what needs to be payed attention to. I'm pretty sure he'd still  
> like to help you ;) ...
> I still rule for "nuke it" unless a working MySQL code has been  
> developed in a given timeframe.
> The main reason is, that we have no maintainer for the MySQL code ...
> The only chance for MySQL I see is, that somebody (you) will jump on  
> maintaining the code.
> And I think, that the timeframe can't be much longer than 6 - 8  
> weeks, because I'd like to see either working MySQL code for WiFiDog  
> 1.0 or no MySQL code in WiFiDog 1.0 at all.
> What do you other guys think of it?
> Cheers, Max!


I agree with nukeing it for you 1.0 release.  6-8 weeks is not enough 
time to get something like that in.  I also agree with Francois about 
working toward PDO.  I can start working on a mySql schema for a future 
release that will work with PDO.

How do you guys feel?

Jay Smith

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