[isf-wifidog] MySQL support - shouldn't we skip it?

Max Horváth max.horvath at maxspot.de
Dim 22 Jan 19:12:10 EST 2006

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Jay Smith wrote:

> I was actually hoping to see more support for mySql.  Most  
> companies I have worked with in the past 11 years have never heard  
> of postgres but most of them already have a few mySql databases  
> around and are more familiar with them.  I would love to see and  
> would help work toward using the php ADODB or PDO library so that  
> many database backends could be supported out of the box.
> I would be interested in hearing what functions Postgres has that  
> would make coding it for other db's difficult.  Education may be  
> the answer for me, since my working knowledge of postgres is low.
> Thanks for listening,
> Jay Smith

Jay, you should be talking to Benoit, how you can get started :).  
Benoit once wrote, he'd support the MySQL code maintainer in telling  
him what needs to be payed attention to. I'm pretty sure he'd still  
like to help you ;) ...

I still rule for "nuke it" unless a working MySQL code has been  
developed in a given timeframe.

The main reason is, that we have no maintainer for the MySQL code ...

The only chance for MySQL I see is, that somebody (you) will jump on  
maintaining the code.

And I think, that the timeframe can't be much longer than 6 - 8  
weeks, because I'd like to see either working MySQL code for WiFiDog  
1.0 or no MySQL code in WiFiDog 1.0 at all.

What do you other guys think of it?

Cheers, Max!
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