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Pete Flaherty pjf at cape.com
Sam 21 Jan 12:45:09 EST 2006

Hey  François,

I added the information into the wiki, with no problem.

I'm also working with a group called 'Unwired Village' They got a grant
to help figure out the whole ' free wireless model' How to pay for the
nodes sponsorships etc .... Here is a link to the website
An interesting point to make is that not all ISP's are created equal,
and there is a great list of 'wifi friendly' ISPs at

We're primarily focused on our service footprint (Eastern Massachusetts,
LATA 128). We are primarily doing this as a public service, and
marketing tool.

We've worked up the following offering for our customers (and other
interested  parties), and recomend visiting the UnWired Village project

A site survey asking all the pertanent information at
https://wifidog.cape.com/portal/?gw_id=001 . This helps us in making up
"WiFi in a Box' kits for a particular location.

The kit typically is ready and pre-configured to run 'out of the box'
and includes:
- WRT-54GL wireless router with custom openwrt and wifidog 
- External antenna(s) and cableing
- Mounting Bracket for the WRT 
- Mounting Bracket(s) as required for the above antenna
- 12V Power over ethernet kit
- WAP54G for extended coverage
- more of the above antennas PoE adaptors etc
- (this uses the lan prots and acts as a remote to the master unit)

On average the base kit starts at $250 USD. depending on the


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Hi Pete,

I cant' really give you an answer to your question, but I'd like to  
know if you have a website and if you'd like to the name of your ISP  
to the list of entities using Wifidog on our Wiki.

In fact, you can add it by yourself on the wiki.


On 20-Jan-2006, at 19:10 , Pete Flaherty wrote:

> Hi all,
> My name is Pete and I work for an independent ISP
> We've been running wifidog since last summer with great success.
> There seems to be quite a lot of interest from Hotels/Motels and otehr
> locations that have quite a bit of exposure to the public. I am seeing
> many inquiries and lots of interest in getting a Hotspot up (a  
> dozen or
> so just this month)
> I've been asked many times if there was a way for the local hotspot
> operator to create and maintain a group of users. Through many
> discussions and Q and A periods I see the need for a 'Loacl Admin'
> console for the hotspot owners.
> Wifidog knows where each user has signed up from ... so ... we may  
> want
> an attribute (say managed t/f) for each user and active t/f.
> That being done then the 'node owners' could create managed users for
> their location (and by default all locations) additionally turning  
> them
> on and off at will
> The login page will still accept all valid wifidog users, though there
> may be a custom page without the get account link
> Here is a sample of the SIMPLE Node management page
> Anyone have any thoughts or comments
> -Pete Flaherty
> <Managed%20Users.html>
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