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Jo Walsh jo at frot.org
Jeu 12 Jan 16:05:18 EST 2006

Just to muddy the codebase-management waters a bit before the move:
kforge is a kind of wrapper for svn/trac/moin that's being developed by
Rufus and John Bywater of the Open Knowledge Foundation. One of its
strengths is synchronous management of code and documentation, another
is its Rails-like internal qualities. It might be worth ISF looking at
for managing the wifidog code, docset, site, all at once.

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KForge v0.9 is **officially** out (details below). It is pretty much 
unchanged since the unofficial release before Christmas but it now has 
several weeks of server time under its belt.



== Download ==

src: http://project.knowledgeforge.net/kforge/svn/svn/tags/kforge-0.9

== Project website ==


== Release Notes ==

KForge is an open-source (GPL) system for managing software and 
knowledge projects. It re-uses existing best-of-breed tools such as a 
versioned storage (subversion), a tracker (trac), and wiki (trac or 
moinmoin), integrating them with the system's own facilities (projects, 
users, permissions etc). KForge also provides a complete web interface 
for project administration as well a fully-developed plugin system so 
that new services and features can be easily added.


  * Projects, users and permissions
  * Best of breed tools available out of the box including subversion, 
trac, moinmoin
  * Extensible with a fully developed plugin system and simple API
  * Python-based and open-source

See it running:

Check-out a sandbox site at:


Or a production site at:


  * Apache >= 2.0 + modpython
  * Python >= 2.3

== Changelog ==

  * Refactored and cleaned core system
  * New plugins:
    * dav
    * www
    * moin
  * Command layer refactored
  * Backup system
  * Many bugixes and edges sanded

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