[isf-wifidog] Importing Users

François Proulx fproulx at edito.qc.ca
Jeu 12 Jan 00:17:22 EST 2006

I guess you'll have to give the dog small bites at once ;-) Can you  
cut the file in several smaller files ?

On 11-Jan-2006, at 13:45 , Chris Rowson wrote:

> Hi again all, hope you're keeping well!
> My collegue and I working on public library hotspots have been playing
> with the wifidog auth server to try and get our user database of
> library patrons into the wifidog database.
> We have exported the user database to a 'nocat like' psswd file to
> make it compatible with the importing capabilities of wifidog.  We did
> a test run with a couple of hundred users, and found that wifidog
> imported them properly.
> Unfortunately the actual file (which contains only the MD5 encrypted
> password and username of each user) runs to nearly 10 MB, and contains
> tens of thousands of users..... Unfortunately wifidog doesn't seem to
> like it much!
> We've changed the option in the import nocat users php file which
> limits the size of uploaded files, and also allocated more memory for
> running scripts in the PHP.ini, we've increased timeout for script
> completion, and increased the size of allowable uploaded files.  The
> result of trying to upload the psswd file to wifidog however seems to
> result in nothing happening at all.
> The server will accept the incoming connection, sit around for a
> couple of minutes then refresh to a blank page (where we should be
> instead seeing a list of our imported users)
> I wonder if anyone has had a similar experience or could suggest
> another way to do this (or even suggest what they think may be
> happening!)
> Thanks Again
> Chris
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