[isf-wifidog] Moving from Sourceforge to our own SVN

Max Horváth max.horvath at maxspot.de
Lun 9 Jan 11:09:10 EST 2006

> Hi now that Trac is up and running,


> Now, we need to plan the transition to Subversion. The server is up  
> and running, Benoit has a script to import the CVS in a few  
> minutes. All we need to do is settle on a date / time when the  
> transition will be made so that means, by that date all commit will  
> be merged on sf.net CVS then we will move and everybody with a  
> developper access will be given a SVN access on the system.

Lookin' forward to it ;) ....

> I guess we could do it in a week from now, that'll give us time to  
> import our small changes and freeze the CVS for a day or two.
> I vote for sunday January 15h 2006.

That's fine with me ...

Cheers, Max!

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