[isf-wifidog] berlin says hi

Max Horváth max.horvath at maxspot.de
Lun 9 Jan 11:07:46 EST 2006

Sorry for the late reply ... been busy the last days ...

Yeah, it's been nice to meet Gabe in Berlin.

> It was satisfying, of course, to share stories about the challenges
> we've been facing, which are almost identical (revenue model, tech
> development, education, volunteer mobilization, etc.).  He showed me
> some of the really cool tools he's built to streamline router
> configuration and management, which he promised he would contribute.

Alright ... to add some thoughts we been talking about:

We think we should extend the new wiki to also include things around  

This would start by documenting / recommending tools to use and the  

We should also add topics like how to run a wireless group. Of course  
this isn't meant as a "a group has to do to things like that". We all  
know that every group using WiFiDog has another approach of how to  
run things and the like. But such tips / guides could be very useful  
to others to get some new input or ideas.

> The conversation reminded me how cool it was at wsfii to have a bunch
> of community wireless and wifidog developers all in the same place...
> I do hope we're able to do that again soon.

Oh yes - we both agreed that it would be very great to have something  
like a WiFiDogCon somewhen ;) ...

Cheers, Max!

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