[isf-wifidog] CVS Commit report

Max Horváth max.horvath at maxspot.de
Mer 4 Jan 04:48:53 EST 2006

>> It's not broken,
>> See in config.php, SYSTEM_PATH is the new name.
>> Then in common.php there is a set_include_path() that adds the
>> thus, it does exactly the same as before, but without needing to
>> prepend BASEPATH on the require lines ....

SYSTEM_PATH did always exist ...

> Ok, I stand corrected, my apologies.  I misunderstood what Max was  
> trying to
> do.  I tought he was trying to complete the removal of SYSTEM_PATH  
> from the
> config file.  To prove that I am a good sport I checked in the  
> change to
> complete autodetection of paths.  There is now one less configuration
> directive to worry about.

Nice feature.

But I hope that those new functions won't cost us much speed. When  
profiling WiFiDog code I saw that including alll of our files costs a  
quite huge amount of time. Now with all those array functions I hope  
we won't more speed (PHPs array functions are quite slow) ...

> As the BASEPATH change itself, we now we have confusing pearls like:
> require_once('../include/common.php');
> require_once('include/common_interface.php');
> (Taken from portal/index.php).  Yep, you were supposed to figure  
> out that
> common.php and common_interface.php are actually in the SAME  
> directory.

Well - it makes sense ...

The first require_once is used to include common.php which defines  
the base path of our WiFiDog installation.

After that no script has to think about where the rest of the files  
are located ... so you don't have to use anything like '../include/ 
common_interface.php' anymore.

Take a look at the source. You'll see that only /include/common.php  
and admin/admin_common.php get included like this.

And it's just the way that one file has to be called like this - and  
it shouldn't be confusing, because no other files have to be called  
like this.

Cheers, Max!

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