[isf-wifidog] Roadmap and Project Manager

François Proulx fproulx at edito.qc.ca
Mar 3 Jan 15:45:19 EST 2006

> I like how OpenWRT web site is build : Simple home web page, wiki for
> documentation, TRAC, etc.

Great, let's learn from them. Let's use Trac + SVN :-)

> Archiving and allowing search in wifidog IRC channel will also be  
> nice to
> have.

I'm willing to use the channel, but which server should we use ?  
Let's have a seperate channel for Wifidog, so other developpers won't  
have mixed feeling of using the ilesansfil channel.

> For the wiki, I think Tikiwiki is a little bit overkill and is to much
> related to ISF. I suggest pmwiki :-) Other wiki suggestions are  
> welcome.

Since we'll have our one apache vhost we can use we feels best... As  
long as it's simple to manage.

> For the web site, I think an apache virtual host on ISF's server is  
> a good
> idea.

Let's point www.wifidog.org to it

> I can start installing, SVN, TRAC and configure Apache (or ask  
> Philippe
> because i'm not a friend of Debian)

Yeah, let Philippe do it, he knows how the server is set up...


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