[isf-wifidog] Wifidog User Management

Max Horváth max.horvath at maxspot.de
Mar 3 Jan 14:04:41 EST 2006

Removing a user isn't really supported because of the way the  
statistics work. What you could do is to manually set the status of a  
user to not validated (5) in the database.

Are familiar with the database?

This feature doesn't exist in the WiFiDog administration interface,  
but I think it sounds very useful ;) ...

Cheers, Max!

> Just a quick message to ask if anyone knows how to actually manage  
> users via the wifidog auth server.  By managing users I mean to  
> perform tasks like removing a user who is abusing the service, or  
> changing the status of a user.
> Thanks
> Chris
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