[isf-wifidog] Roadmap and Project Manager

Matthew Asham matthewa at bcwireless.net
Mar 3 Jan 06:29:55 EST 2006

> Hi,
> in the last few weeks we've all been discussing about the 
> things WiFiDog lacks about.
> One thing I'm sure we currently miss the most is an active 
> project manager and of course one of his most important 
> responsibilities to
> create: a roadmap.

Are you volunteering? ;)

> Just an example of my situation as a developer. I have a lot 
> of ideas WiFiDog could need as improvements. Sure we have a 
> bug and feature list.
> But what we really need is a roadmap so developers among us 
> could concentrate on specific things to work on step by step.

Rather than ad-hocly submitting changes we can all submit our 
feature desires, vote on them as a group and assign them.  A PM
would be great.  Asterisk does this (I believe they use Mantis)
and the process seems to work okay.

Perhaps we can define a time frame for submissions to the roadmap,
approval, discussion and delegation.

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