[isf-wifidog] errors in fresh install of cvs head

Rob Janes janes.rob at gmail.com
Mar 3 Jan 00:16:19 EST 2006

i just commited the stylesheet changes.  we at wireless toronto don't 
have any stylesheets other than the default one, so there may be some 
problems with nodes that have their own skins.

I split the stylesheet into two.  local_content/common/stylesheet.css 
(new) has the bulk of the old stylesheet.css.  MainUI.php refers to it 
using a <link> html element, and it is always linked to.  
local_content/default/stylesheet.css (old) now just has background image 
url's in it.  Given the current template usage of the two stylesheets, 
there's really no reason to have two as it can be done with one, linked 
to from the main page.  However, two might be necessary if someone gets 
into dynamic skins for network/nodes.  So, not sure what the direction 
is, I laid out two stylesheets.  The one in default (the network 
specific one) overrides the common stylesheet.

spent a lot of time resolving merge conflicts.  ah the joys of being 
last to commit.


Max Horváth wrote:

>> This is the problem.  I have no idea what you guys consider  
>> acceptable for me to checkin, but have no other process for  
>> acceptance than check-in.  I am sitting on about 6000 lines of  
>> changes to wifidog-auth dealing with installation, language  
>> selection, database abstraction, logging, stylesheets and code  
>> locating, all of it integrated, tested, working, and maintained up- 
>> to-date with mergings from cvs head.  I am lacking guidelines,  
>> coding standards, a clear definition of what is core (database  etc), 
>> a roadmap, where the project is heading, etc etc, and am  simply at a 
>> loss at what to do or if my work is of any relevance.   Here, this 
>> most tame, most innocuous of changes, a three line fix I  thought was 
>> a slam dunk, is rolled back for a few weeks of peer  review.
>> Fine.
>> Perhaps one of you would enlighten me as to what process I should  
>> follow so as to contribute productively to wifidog.  You know,  
>> things like what is welcome and what is unwelcome, what is friendly  
>> and what is not, who's working on what and who's toes I might  
>> possibly, likely, unknowingly, step on.  I mean, I feel like I'm  
>> walking through a mine field here.  A map would be nice.
> You speak my words!
> And regarding the coding standards. As I wrote in my other emails  
> there where no coding standards for WiFiDog.
> Till now nobody said anything regarding not to use the PEAR coding  
> standards. So please use them as they are - in my opinion - the best  
> coding standards for PHP.
> Here's the link again: http://pear.php.net/manual/en/standards.php
>> 1.  Event logging
>> 2. Style sheet
>> 3. language selection
> Great! Please commit those changes!
> Cheers, Max!
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