[isf-wifidog] Newbie Client Questions

Ray Gwinn wifidog at wva.net
Lun 2 Jan 19:56:47 EST 2006

François, this is really a wifidog client question, so I started a "Newbie client questions" 

Our network is a routed network, I think the correct term is infrastructure mode.  Our 
network is not an adhoc network, though we may have some adhoc limbs at some point.

Our access points act as both a router and an access point.  ONLY one of the access 
points has an ethernet connection. Some of the access points are several wireless hops 
away from the Mothernode (the node that supplies the internet feed).

When I look at the client's wifidog.conf, I see no way to specify "trusted users/nodes" by 
IP or MAC address.

Is it possible to setup the wifidog client to allow the outlying nodes, which also have 
wifidog clients, data to pass to the wifidog server, bypassing the wifidog login of the 
intermediate nodes?

I hope the above is clear.  Sometimes it is very difficult to be clear in email.


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