[isf-wifidog] WifiDog-Auth install Stuck at Administrator Screen

Jay Smith jay.smith at tenanji.com
Dim 1 Jan 09:05:55 EST 2006

I am new to wifi-dog and am attempting to install wifidog-auth.  I am 
running the install script and having issues on the Administrator 
account screen.  I fill in the form and click next and get "Unable to 
connect to database on localost".  I am running the lastest version from 
CVS.  I have checked the config.php and it has all the correct 
connection information and the correct connection string is being 
created by install.php; host=localhost dbname=wifidog user=wifidog 

I am not very savy with postgres, how can I verify that the user exist 
and does have access to the wifidog database?



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