[isf-wifidog] Portal sign-up redirection

Wil bladerunner21st at yahoo.co.uk
Mer 13 Déc 05:57:30 EST 2006

Hi guys

Can anyone help with portal sign-up redirection?

I'm trying to implement my hotspot so that when a user fires up a browser
they are taken to the Wifidog login screen as usual. Here they can login if
they already have an account, as usual. However, when they click on 'Create
a free account', I want to redirect them to a login page outside of the
network, where they can submit their details for consideration by a
moderator, who then allows or disallows them an account. I also want the
user to be able to browse custom content in a 'walled garden' scenario
whilst they're waiting for their account to be authorised.

Is this possible? The problem I can see is that they need to be redirected
to another URL hosted on a different network to the hotspot. Is there a way
to do this without letting them navigate away from the redirected sign-up
page before an account is created, or will they still need to be
authenticated against the Postgresql database?

The reason I'm trying to implement this is so that I can allow accounts
based on users location details such as the address field in the custom
sign-up page, as the deployed hotspot will be in a town centre, and the
person I'm building it for doesn't want users who live right next to it to
sign-up and 'rinse' the broadband pipe downloading the latest World of
Warcraft patch or similar. 

I've tried testing redirection from the outset to see if I can redirect to a
URL outside of the network before authenticating, but was unsuccessful. I've
enabled 'Portal Page Redirection' under Networks, and entered an address in
'URL to show instead of the portal' under Nodes. This works fine when
testing locally from the server, as clicking 'Preview Node' takes me
straight to the external URL sign-up page. This was to be expected as I was
signed in as admin, and therefore authenticated.

However, when I fired up a browser from a wireless client, instead of being
redirected to the custom sign-up page I was taken to the default Wifidog

To recap, my questions are this:
1.	Is it possible to redirect for account sign-up to a URL off the
network that the Wifidog server is on, or will this not be allowed because
the client needs authentication first?
2.	If it is possible is there a way of specifying only the domain that
the custom sign-up page is on, so that the client can only browse pages on
that domain, and cannot 'wander off' into the net before their account is

I hope I've managed to convey what I'm trying to achieve clearly, let me
know if anyone has any ideas.

Kind regards

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