[isf-wifidog] Pre-paid users

Raphael Alla raphael.alla at gmail.com
Dim 10 Déc 22:02:26 EST 2006


I am currently planning to use wifidog in a context where users purchase
pre-paid credit, either in time or in data. When they are connected they use
their credit and then when their credit has expired, they get logged off.

I am currently writing an Authenticator class, which is relatively
straightforward. The auth/index.php file however does not have the
capability to check whether the acctUpdate function returns a true value or

All my code is GPL and I am more than happy to contribute the changes back
to the list once done.

Some questions:

   - what are the rules to submit patches to the list?
   - i need additional fields for users. Would it be better to store
   those in the user table by altering it or would it be better to create a new
   table that can be used by my extension only. The second option has the
   benefits that users can install the extra table only when they require and
   maintains compatibility with the code coming from cvs



Raphael Alla
Mitija Australia
+61 4 15 678 576
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