[isf-wifidog] Looking for a Sr. WiFiDog Developer

moonsammy moonsammy at gmail.com
Dim 10 Déc 19:32:07 EST 2006

I am about to take on a new project that will require the splash page
redirection of WiFi users based on:

1) User Agent header
2) Application header
3) Intended Destination

This build will be installed in multiple remote locations (on Soekris
HW) and will need to be centrally managed to ease updating of rules
and gather network wide stats for unified reporting.

I am looking for a qualified and experienced developer to modify
WiFidog or similar application to archive this goal.

Project is based in NY and is an opportunity to be involved in
something very cool and make some money to boot. The developer can
work remotely as long as the individual has the experience, is
reliable and can work collaboratively in such situations.

Please reply to discuss further...


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