[isf-wifidog] Auth server and client on same PC

Eduardo Bejar wonka at linkabu.net
Jeu 31 Aou 00:34:16 EDT 2006

Hi Raj,

Thanks for your answer. This is the scenario:

One linux pc working as gateway for wireless access points. I´m trying to
accomplish a captive portal/auth server so every wireless laptop connected
to the APs require a user/password.

At the wifidog website I read that wifidog has 2 components: the client
daemon and the auth server.

So, on a setup like this, where does the client daemon of wifidog stands?
is it necessary or can I only setup the auth server for this captive/auth

I do not have fully compatible openwrt APs, so that´s why I asked if I can
setup the client daemon of wifidog at the same server that will run the
wifidog auth server.



> Hello Eduardo,
> It is not clear what is the purpose you are trying to achieve. Do you just
> want to test How Authentication
> server works with Wifidog Gateway on a Linux box. ?
> I just finish installing Authentication server on Fedora and works great.
> I
> have not install a Gateway yet.
> Raj

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